Why Netcred?

On the Internet it can be hard to tell who people really are. NETCRED members have already given real-world proof that they are more than a name.

The Internet is the perfect medium for hiding Identity when buying, selling or communicating. Can you trust that people really are who they say they are? How do you prove to others who you are? NETCRED is your way of finding out who you are communicating with. Your own NETCRED Seal tells others that your identity has been checked against diverse sources of data and that you are who you say you are. The NETCRED Seal can then be displayed on many other websites as your guarantee of Identity.

Similarly, when you see the others have a NETCRED Seal displayed , you can be assured that their Identity has also been investigated and verified. When you deal with a NETCRED ID Verified person you can do so with a level of trust far exceeding anything currently available on the Internet.

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